Diary Of Events
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Club meetings at Broad Hinton Village Hall will start at 7:30pm and finish at 11:30pm. The Christmas Party will start at 7pm and finish at Midnight. The North Nibley Engine Rally will now be run under the guidance of the Tango Golf DX Group. Those interested please contact either the secretary or webmaster for information about this.


Please Note that the Individuals Competition will be run on “clothing colours”


Colour Date Event
Blue Saturday 25th January Horse Racing (Broad Hinton Village Hall)
Green Saturday 22nd March Music Competition (Broad Hinton Village Hall)
Brown Saturday 26th April Sponsored Bingo (Broad Hinton Village Hall)
Sunday 4th May Avebury to Stonehenge 26 mile walk in conjunction with The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (monitoring only).
  Saturday 17th May General Knowledge Quiz (Broad Hinton Village Hall)
Friday 13th June North Nibley Engine Rally
Saturday 14th June North Nibley Engine Rally 
Sunday 15th June North Nibley Engine Rally
Sunday 10th August “Family DX”
Sunday 5th October Cricklade Half Marathon 9:30 a.m. (monitoring only).
Yellow Saturday 11th October Vegetable Competition (Broad Hinton Village Hall)
Saturday 15th November A.G.M. & Rejoining (Broad Hinton Village Hall)
Saturday 20th December Christmas Party at 7 p.m. (Broad Hinton Village Hall) - (Please bring a present.)

Extra DX'ing Events

If you have any open DX'ing events to be listed, please contact either the secretary or the webmaster